January 13, 2012

Missing Summer

"I miss the days when summer vacation was about relaxing and hanging out with friends.
Now it's all about working and squeezing your friends in when you can""
Munting Buhangin Resort in, Batangas 

I know I found the most perfect quotation which is way too unrelated with the picture. I'm doing scavenger hunt when I found this picture and I suddenly felt nostalgic with the summer season. It was early in the morning when I took this picture during our summer trip in Munting Buhangin in Batangas, an outing not with my friends but that of our company. That's why I felt the quote above is quite related somehow. Right! Oh Summer. It's more fun in the Philippines.


  1. This picture makes me want to fastforward to April! I'm looking forward to summer '12! :) True, we have to squeeze in friends. Busy-busyhan na tau palagi.

  2. don't worry summer is coming fast... you can set an out-of-town schedule with friends... i'm sure you'll have good time together...


  3. can you explain further please? "an outing not with my friends but that of our company"..hahaha..

  4. oh I'm not sure if I like summer. Maybe if I know I can go places. Summer is pretty for me without Jed. I'm looking forward to summer next year though. Geesss.. I'm pathetic twin sis. I love the picture though. Buy your DSLR na, you have an eye for photography. :)

  5. still have to save for that eye watering camera (sob,sob,sob). I don't like summer either, but if it will be spent in the beach, for sure we'll enjoy the breeze.

  6. sorry, I mean antique friends, you know! (bleh) peace.

  7. hoping for that too and hopefully our schedule meets. too hectic for oldies (LOL)

  8. I love work, but I don't like the busy days, wala na time for friends and gala. Hay ano outing tayo? hehehe

  9. Summer now is about missing that special person. :)

    but i kinda miss that time too when summer means a break from school.


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