January 24, 2012

Do you know what lies ahead?

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.
Only through experience of trial and suffering
can a soul be strengthened, ambition inspired , and success achieved.
-Hellen Keller
Dampalitan Island, Padre Burgos, Quezon Province

It was early in the morning but the sun was never there. I blamed it on the bad weather that accompanied us there. Who would imagine what lies ahead, when no one has a grasp of our deadly end.

We took chances when we ventured out for this trip to Quezon Province. Plan's completed and just needed to be executed so out we went. We woke up with this sight in Dampalitan Island on the second day of our island hopping adventure. Black clouds succumbing the vast ocean. Needless to say, we suffered rough rides aboard the boat which I thought was bound to our end. But thank God, he just shook our sleeping soul and from that day forward we became more thankful with the life we have. Lessons learned the hard way they say, but it's all worth it.


  1. glad you made it through the waves (o rain, parang kanta lang no haha), travel on!

  2. Krizzy_kalokangPinayJanuary 24, 2012 at 4:39 AM

    Awww sis, this is beautiful. You've got a way with words sis. I can never right like this - haha, makes me wonder why people visit me, hehe. And beautiful photo as well =)

  3. At least it was all worth it! :) Love your blog! Btw, I'm now following you!


  4. Thanks! Will be heading in your blog now.

  5. Awww Thanks sis. I don't know what to say. Gee, thanks!

    I love what you write in your blog sis. I love everything cause I know it's your heart that speaks. Siguro when we read posts, it's our that is reading and when we write, it's our heart that disctates what to write.

  6. Yeah, travel more. *apir. kanta tayo.

  7. Krizzy_kalokangPinayJanuary 24, 2012 at 6:13 PM

    siguro nga sis =)

  8. beautiful words.....more travel for you this year:)

  9. Beautiful words..more travel for you this year!


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