March 6, 2012

A Bane or a Boon?

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous"
Water Hyacinth a.k.a Water Lily

Water Hyacinth is not only a competitor to rice crops, it also alter the free flowing water in the river and other bodies of water. When I was a child I wasn't aware of those facts because it's a major source of playing materials for me during cooking session with little friends. I also came to admire it's attractive flowers.

Discovering that it has fibers, textile manufacturers found a great way to maximize the use of this flowing creature into something that humanity can use. And instead of mass destruction to avoid clogs on rivers, they converted it to textile. 

A proof that even a bane can also be a boon.


  1. I wasn't aware of that facts until today. I remember, I always get crazy when I see water Lily, we don't see that often here in the city. So whenever I see one, I get so excited. I love flowers din kasi twin sis.. Anyway, malapit na ako magka photo blog.. Ang inggit ko sa photo blog nyo ay to the highest level na! :)

  2. hehehe ang tawa ko sa comment mo twin sis. Nabasa ko sa phone to kanina umaga..nasa jip ako tawa ako ng tawa. GAwa na kasi ng phot blog. Bilis. excited ako para sayo. Suyurin natin ang Pilipinas kakakuha ng photos. hehehe.

    I'm used to seeing water lily twin sis, I grew up in the province and we have lots of it in the river.

  3. It is indeed a beautiful flower.

  4. Dati, may nagrequest sa kin to take pictures of water lily flower pero ala ako makita, saan ba marami nyan? Yong lumulutang sa ilog pasig walang bulaklak

  5. Krizzy_kalokangPinayMarch 8, 2012 at 6:36 AM

    This is why I love blogging, I learn something new everyday! Thanks for those facts sis. I just know they're beautiful =) Haha, natuwa naman ako kay sis Mayen, akala ko ako lang ang hindi nakakaalam nito =)
    Thanks for the info, sis =)

  6. samin marami niyan. they clog rivers sometimes that's why little kids, take the liberty to lift them from their place and let them flow freely in the river.

  7. Hehehe, natawa din ako kay twin sis. ang kulit. I just learned about it from Jessica Soho Reports. Then naalala ko na may picture nga pala ako ng water lily. hehehe


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