February 16, 2012

Empty seat

He who knows others is wise.
He who knows himself  is enlightened.
-Lao Tzu
Fort Santiago

Happy Hearts Day!

You may find it  weird why the heck I posted this picture when I greeted everyone a happy hearts day (yeah, I know it's a day late, but it's still valid on the other side of the world). Hear me. I dedicate this post to all the single folks out there. February 14th wasn't intended for lovers alone but for everyone who has a loving heart. 

Being single is comparable to that empty seat. It looks boring, dull and lifeless. But people shouldn't worry, because their life itself is special. Special cause God has given them extra time to ponder and do the things they love, walk their feet to places their hearts desire and fly without boundaries to fulfill their dreams. Look at the empty seat on the bright side, that it was saved by God for two single people, who are in depth search for themselves and soon to meet each when they're both prepared and deserve each other.

Agree? Definitely!


  1. Krizzy_kalokangPinayFebruary 16, 2012 at 6:11 AM

    Totally agree sis =)
    Anyone can celebrate V day - who said it's exclusive to couples? Marami sa kilala kong couples sa work sila pa nga ang di nagcelebrate and yung mga single pa yung gumimick or nagPizza/movie night in party sa bahay nila! =)

  2. nice message Sey... very nice... yeah.. empty seat are made for to people waiting for the right time to found each other....

  3. talaga sis. Siguro kung nataon na weekend and Valentines siguro lumabas pa ako kaso the fact that it's Tuesday made it another ordinary day for me. hehehe

  4. I definitely agree! Heart's day is for people who are capable of loving - Me and my sweets didn't have a valentines day but I did had a post vday dinner date with friends. You can celebrate the special day not just with your other half, but with your family and friends too! :)

  5. I'm glad we're on the same side when it comes to Valentines :)


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